Activity Ideas and Kits – Work-Life Balance

Help Employees Tackle Fatigue

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health Safety has a resources that you can share with your employees that will help them identify whether or not they are dealing with the effects of fatigue and what they can do to make it better.  There is a webpage full of information and a short 4 minute podcast [...]

Support Employees Who Are Pregnant or New Parents

Have you made your workplace family-friendly?  Choosing to have a child means taking a number of things into consideration.  One of those things is how well does the workplace support workers who are pregnant or returning to work after the baby is born.  Not every workplace is the same and their may be risks to [...]

Family Friendly Workplaces

Is your workplace family-friendly? Check out the August 2013 issue of the Health at Work e-Bulletin to see if there is one new family friendly initiative that you might want to introduce into your workplace. Source: Peterborough County-City Health Unit

Returning to Work After Baby

Heading back to work after a parental or maternity leave can be very challenging.  To help employees transition back to work, consider sharing with them a new resource from Best Start: Ontario’s Maternal Newborn and Early Child Development Resource Centre. The 20-page booklet contains information on choosing child care services, work and breastfeeding, planning time, establishing [...]

Learn about the Changes to CPP–and Share It With Your Employees

Starting on January 1, 2011, the government has made changes to the Canada Pension Plan.  For more information, please visit Share this information with your employees.  Consider hosting a lunch and learn and invite a representative from Service Canada to speak about the changes. Source:  Peterborough County-City Health Unit

Family Child Care Fair (Kit)

The Family Child Care Fair is designed to introduce employees to the various organizations in your community that provide quality childcare and related services.  Attendees have the opportunity to introduce themselves to providers, discuss their childcare needs, and explore available options. Coordinators should host this event in a large, open area, where each childcare agency [...]

Capture the Moment (Kit)

Capture the Moment is a simple activity that provides employees the opportunity to share their favourite stress-relieving hobbies and past-times with their fellow employees.  The activity emphasizes the importance and variety of stress management strategies.   Employees who are interested in participating must submit a work-appropriate photograph of themselves enjoying their favourite activities.  Staff will cast [...]

His & Hers Health Fair

Organize a Health Fair at your workplace. Invite organizations to provide a display or handouts that introduce employees to the issues related to healthy eating, staying active, and maintaining vitality throughout life. Approach different organizations for resources.  Organizations could include your local Health Unit, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Canadian Mental Health Association, Canadian Diabetes Association, or the [...]

Hobby Fair (Kit)

The Hobby Fair encourages employees to share the interests or activities that they enjoy outside of work with their fellow employees.  Hobbies and interests that are unrelated to work often play an essential role in good health.  Importantly, these activities help relieve stress. Coordinators should host this event in a large, open area, where each [...]

Consider Offering On-Site Massage Therapy

Some workplaces arrange for a massage therapist to visit their workplace once a week or once a month.  Employees sign up in advance.  If possible, cover the cost.  If that isn’t possible, consider subsidizing the cost.  Encouraging employees to get massages prior to a problem developing will help prevent injuries and positively affect the workplace bottom line.  [...]

A League of Their Own

Encourage physical activity and athletics among employees by helping to establish workplace sports leagues or walking clubs.  As the employer, you are in a position to take the lead.  Reserve outdoor recreational areas, create rosters, and provide sports equipment.  Just make sure to offer a variety of options for employees of different ages and abilities. [...]

Support Employees Who Care for Ill Family Members

Provide employees with informational materials on healthy caregiving and the signs of caregiver burnout.  As a supplement to these materials, encourage employees to form a caregiving group where issues related to caregiving can be shared and discussed.   Source:  Brant County Health Unit

Active Workplace Teams

Form workplace teams or hold family events to support increased levels of physical activity as well as the development of healthy relationships between employees and between family members. Try bowling, golf or softball. Also, consider forming groups for activities like cycling, Tai Chi, regular daily stretching or aerobics. Encourage walking groups, dancing groups or recreational [...]

Provide Staff with Outdoor Recreation Space

Encourage employees to use this space for physical activity before, during, or after work.  Given the size and suitability of the area, you may also want to provide sports equipment, such as soccer balls, volleyball nets, etc; or, encourage employees to bring these supplies from home. Source:  Brant County Health Unit

Making Time for Family

Host a seminar or distribute informational materials on managing family time.  Include strategies for planning personal time alone, planning time with your partner, and planning time for one-on-one interaction with children. Source:   Peterborough County-City Health Unit

Offer Parenting Seminars for Male Employees

Letting go of traditional roles and sharing the responsibilities of parenting may help employees maintain their worklife balance on an even keel.  To this end, host a parenting seminar for male employees who may not be familiar with the ins and outs of caring for a child.  Topics might include proper methods of bathing children, [...]

Create a Childcare and Respite Care Bulletin Board

Invite employees to post contact information for individuals and organizations they trust to look after their children and loved ones.  For someone looking for childcare or respite care, this referral information could go a long way. Source: Brant County Health Unit

Host a Seminar on Early Childhood Development for Employees Who are Parents

Understanding their children and the life cycle may help employees reduce stress both at home and at work.  The seminar should include information on the normal stages of child development, assisting with development, identifying child development problems, and reading to your child. Source:   Peterborough County-City Health Unit

Support Pregnant Employees

Refer families to the Peterborough County-City Health Unit website where they can get more information about classes, Prenatal Health Fairs and online resources.  In addition, a public health nurse staffs the Health Unit’s FamilyHEALTHline and is available to answer questions and connect families to community services and supports Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 [...]

Take-Home Food Options

Work with cafeteria staff to implement a take-home dinner option from the food that did not sell during the lunch hour.  Recognizing that families are stressed for time, healthy pre-packaged meals (refrigerated if needed) that are quick to grab could be sold to employees to take home to their families. Or, prepare bagged lunch options [...]