Policy Ideas – Healthy Eating

Create a Healthy Workplace Nutrition Environment

The Ontario Society of Nutrition Professionals in Public Health (OSNPPH) have created a toolkit on Creating a Healthy Workplace Nutrition Environment.  This comprehensive tool kit includes checklists, assessment forms and videos.  There is information around how to get employer support, striking a committee, handling food donations, educating employees and everything else related to food.  Every [...]

Consider Creating a Nutrition Policy in Your Workplace

The Workplace Nutrition Advisory Group of the Ontario Society of Nutrition Professionals in Public Health has put out a call to act for workplaces to adopt healthy nutrition practices.  Making good food choices is easier for employees when the workplace supports it.  Check out this short 2:35 minute video to learn more. Source:  Peterborough County-City [...]

Eat Smart, Meet Smart

As an employer you can utilize the Eat Smart, Meet Smart booklet to role model healthy eating at your workplace. The booklet, produced by The Western and Northern Canadian Collaborative for Healthy Living, provides useful tips for planning healthy meetings, events and conferences including information about portion size, quantities to order, and the kinds of [...]

Healthy Food Policy

Develop a healthy eating policy for your workplace that identifies healthy foods to include in the cafeteria, in vending machines, and for catered meetings and events. Start with a policy to increase fruit and vegetable options at workplace sponsored events (e.g. meetings, catered lunches). For example, 100% fruit juice could be included as an option [...]

Place Limits on Workplace Junk Food

Does your workplace have an abundance of tempting, unhealthy snacks?  Develop guidelines or policies that require that healthy food choices are served at all meetings and workshops. Some examples of healthy snacks and beverages include water, milk, 100% fruit juice, fruit and vegetable  trays, low-fat dip, yogurt, nuts, whole-grain crackers, lower-fat muffins, and whole grain [...]

Cafeteria and Vending Machine Options

To support and encourage employees to choose healthy food items for their meals and snacks while at work, consider offering employees healthier food and beverage options in the cafeteria and/or vending machines that are priced competitively with, or similar to, other foods and beverages offered.   Cafeterias Sell a serving of cut vegetables and low [...]

Provide Employees with Healthier Cafeteria Options

The availability of healthy food choices in the workplace and in the cafeteria influences how employees choose to eat.  Make healthy options widely available, and limit the prevalence of foods that have little nutritional value.  Try substituting unhealthy foods with more nutritious options.  For instance, serve milk instead of cream for coffee and tea.  Provide [...]