Policy Ideas – Being Active

Reduce Sedentary Behaviour at Work

A previous post addressed the need to encourage employees to be more active (see: Encourage Employees to Increase Their Physical Activity at Work) but the movement to address sedentary lifestyles is gaining traction.  Here is an interesting blog post on Cubicle Culture.  And a neighbouring health unit has adapted a tool kit for workplaces that [...]

Encourage Employees to Increase Their Physical Activity At Work

Many jobs today involve sitting for long periods of time.  Current research and news items have been drawing attention to the negative impact of sedentary behaviour on our health.  Get creative about incorporating physical activity during the work day.  Here are a few ideas: Have a physical activity flash mob at meetings.  Between agenda items someone [...]

“Health Options at Work”: A Physical Activity Guide

Toronto Public Health has created a guide to provide workplaces with information needed to plan, promote and implement a multi-strategy approach to physical activity programming in the workplace.  Here is the link to the guide: Source: Peterborough County-City Health Unit  

Making a Business Case for Active Living at Work

Active employees are healthy employees both physically and mentally.  And healthy employees means improved morale, higher productivity, lower absenteeism, and lower operating costs.  If you are considering introducing a physical activity program and you need to make a business case, you might find this resource from Health Canada very helpful.   This on-line resource entitled Business Case for Active [...]

Make it Easier for Employees to Join a Fitness Club

Once again, employees who have expanded access to fitness opportunities and supports are more likely to engage in physical activity.  To this end, look into negotiating a reduced membership rate for employees at a local gym or fitness club.  Or, once employees provide proof that he or she has become a member, consider awarding them [...]

Flexible Scheduling that Encourages Exercise

Develop flexible scheduling policies that allow employees to dedicate a few moments throughout the day to physical activity.  The adjusted work day and flex-time policies allow employees to work the standard number of hours on a daily basis, with flexible start and finish times within limits established by management.  More flexibility means that employees have [...]