Alcohol and Other Drugs

Take a Comprehensive Approach to Addressing Substance Misuse

A substance is any product that alters your physical or mental capacity. Some of the most common substances we use include caffeine and alcohol but it also includes prescription medications and illicit drugs. If your workplace does not have a substance use policy and plan, it would be wise to consider creating one.  To help [...]

Prepare for the Legalization of Cannabis

Recent headlines have focused on federal government’s plan to legalize cannabis (also known as marijuana among many other names).  Some workplaces have made initial inquiries regarding how they will need to respond.  The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety wrote an article called “Marijuana and the Workplace“.  A short read, it is a good [...]

Promote Rethink Your Drinking: Size Matters

All across the province of Ontario, people are hearing the message that size does matter…at least when it comes to the serving size of a standard alcoholic drink.  Consider sharing information with your employees on responsible alcohol consumption.  A dedicated website called Rethink Your Drinking is a great resource for information and materials that you [...]

Alcohol Awareness – Information for Employees Who Are Parents Too

Employees who are parents of youth have a lot to juggle.  What may be weighing on their minds at work is their children.  Support your employees by sharing information that helps them in their parenting.  The Ontario Injury Prevention Resource Centre has two resources available for parents on alcohol and youth.  There is a 16-page [...]

Be Aware of Opioid (Narcotics) Use

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) reports that that 40 percent more workers have been prescribed narcotics compared to ten years ago. There have also been 100 per cent more narcotic prescriptions over that same time. Since 2006, the doses prescribed by physicians have also increased. A new graphic video by the Centre for Addiction [...]

Promote the New National Low Risk Drinking Guidelines

Canada has new national low-risk alcohol drinking guidelines to help people who drink to reduce their immediate and long-term alcohol-related harm. Alcohol use involves short term risks from injury and longer term health concerns including cancer, stroke, and heart disease. These long term health risks can be reduced by drinking no more than 10 drinks [...]

Substances and Shiftwork

Shiftwork wreaks havoc on employees’ circadian rhythms and, as a result, employees may rely on certain substances to either help them stay awake or go to sleep.  It can be dangerous to the employees using the substances as well as their co-workers. Be sure to educate your employees about the dangers.  To help you get started, here [...]

His & Hers Health Fair

Organize a Health Fair at your workplace. Invite organizations to provide a display or handouts that introduce employees to the issues related to healthy eating, staying active, and maintaining vitality throughout life. Approach different organizations for resources.  Organizations could include your local Health Unit, Heart and Stroke Foundation, Canadian Mental Health Association, Canadian Diabetes Association, or the [...]

Provide Programming that Encourages Responsible Substance Use

Host a seminar or distribute informational materials on low-risk drinking guidelines and tips for appointing a designated driver.  For those who choose not to drink alcohol, post recipes for non-alcoholic “mocktails.”  You can find a number of mocktail recipes at the Peterborough County-City Health Unit website: Source: Brant County Health Unit

Workplace Parties–Being a Responsible Host

Many workplaces host parties to celebrate events and certain times of the year. At some of these parties, alcohol will be served. There are risks and liabilities if you are a host, organizer or sponsor of an event where alcohol is served. It is important that you take steps to protect your employees and guests (and [...]

Alcohol, Other Drugs and Gambling: Helpful Resources

SEEKING HELP/SUPPORT Alcohol Help Centre                                                                                             Alcoholics Anonymous, Al-Anon, Alateen  –  (705) 745-6111                   Canadian Mental Health Association – (705) 748-6711       Centre for Addiction and Mental Health  –  1-800-463-6273 Drug & Alcohol Registry of Treatment (D.A.R.T.) Treatment Infoline  -  1-800-565-8603 Four Counties Addiction Services Team (Fourcast)  -  (705) 876-1292 Narcotics Anonymous [...]

Mocktail Party (Kit)

Wherever you look, there are refreshing beverages that do not contain alcohol.  The Mocktail Party is a fun workplace social event that promotes non-alcoholic mixed drinks, also known as “mocktails.”  Consider hosting this event before a meeting or following a presentation on safe drinking practices.  Visit the Peterborough County-City Health Unit’s website for great mocktail recipes:  [...]

Create an Attractive Placemat for Your Cafeteria Trays

Employees might welcome this creative alternative to the monthly wellness newsletter.  A recyclable placemat could provide a helpful advertising tool for a variety of health topics such as healthy eating strategies, nutritious recipes, and workplace wellness events.   Source:  Peterborough County-City Health Unit

Flexible Schedules Allow for Counselling

Develop flexible scheduling policies that allow employees to attend substance misuse programming or counselling sessions as needed.  The adjusted work day and flex-time policies allow employees to work the standard number of hours on a daily basis, with flexible start and finish times within limits established by management.  More flexibility means that employees are able [...]

Feature Interactive Displays or Bulletin Boards in High-Traffic Areas

Colorful and attractive displays on nutrition and heathy eating easily draw the attention of employees.  Create posters or bulletin boards that advertise healthier  meal choices, healthy tips for food preparation, and favourite healthy recipes.  The same strategy can be used for many other topics including being active, being smoke free, responsible drinking, reducing stress, shiftwork, [...]

Host a Responsible Party

Planning an event for employees to celebrate the festive season or a productive year?  If alcohol will be part of that event, make it a safe event.  Contact the Peterborough County-City Health Unit for a Workplace Party Pack.  The kit includes information about low risk drinking guidelines, safe hosting tips and employer liability.  Call the [...]

Host an Alcohol-Free Themed Party

Reallocate workplace event funds that are set aside for alcohol on a themed party.  Hire a Mexican band and serve non-alcoholic margaritas, or host a Hawaiian luau with virgin piña coladas. Source: Brant County Health Unit

Provide Programming that Encourages Responsible Alcohol Use

Host a seminar or distribute informational materials on low-risk drinking guidelines and tips for appointing a designated driver.  For those who choose not to drink alcohol, post recipes for non-alcoholic “mocktails.” Source: Brant County Health Unit

Consider Offering an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employee assistance programs are here to help.  Make sure that your staff has access to an Employee Assistance Program that can provide employees with counselling and additional tips for dealing with interpersonal conflicts.   Source:  Brant County Health Unit