Policy Ideas – Alcohol and Other Drugs

Take a Comprehensive Approach to Addressing Substance Misuse

A substance is any product that alters your physical or mental capacity. Some of the most common substances we use include caffeine and alcohol but it also includes prescription medications and illicit drugs. If your workplace does not have a substance use policy and plan, it would be wise to consider creating one.  To help [...]

Prepare for the Legalization of Cannabis

Recent headlines have focused on federal government’s plan to legalize cannabis (also known as marijuana among many other names).  Some workplaces have made initial inquiries regarding how they will need to respond.  The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety wrote an article called “Marijuana and the Workplace“.  A short read, it is a good [...]

Workplace Parties–Being a Responsible Host

Many workplaces host parties to celebrate events and certain times of the year. At some of these parties, alcohol will be served. There are risks and liabilities if you are a host, organizer or sponsor of an event where alcohol is served. It is important that you take steps to protect your employees and guests (and [...]

Flexible Schedules Allow for Counselling

Develop flexible scheduling policies that allow employees to attend substance misuse programming or counselling sessions as needed.  The adjusted work day and flex-time policies allow employees to work the standard number of hours on a daily basis, with flexible start and finish times within limits established by management.  More flexibility means that employees are able [...]