Supportive Work Environment – Tobacco & Smoking

Create Diversions to Avoid Smoke Breaks

Hamilton Healthy Workplaces: Quit the Smoke Break is a resource that helps workplaces and employees trying to quit smoking avoid the temptation of taking a smoke break.  Here’s what they say: “Trying to quit or help your employees quit? Do breaks make you or your employees want to smoke? Then quit the smoke break.  One [...]

Promote Smoking Cessation Programs

Provide flexibility for staff to attend local cessation programs (i.e., Choose to Be…Smoke-Free) or partner with community organizations to offer on-site group cessation support. To start, consider posting these Choose to be…Smoke Free tear off posters in key locations around your workplace. Also promote these resources via e-mail or intranet services: Free Quit Smoking Support [...]

Support Your Employees to Quit

Provide incentives, support and/or resources to employees who wish to quit smoking (i.e., lunch ‘n’ learns, identify workplace cessation champions, newsletter inserts, etc). Promote these resources to employees ready to quit (click on the title to visit the website): Don’t Quit Quitting Check out the online “Quit Counter” – See your progress in real-time. Keep track of the [...]

Keeping Workplace Vehicles Smoke-Free

The Smoke-Free Ontario Act outlines that smoking is not allowed in any workplaces including workplace vehicles.  The Middlesex-London Health Unit has a quick Fact Sheet about what the Act requires for workplace vehicles.  For the full Fact Sheet see: Here are some of the highlights: EMPLOYERS MUST: post no smoking signs in workplace vehicles give [...]

Engage Your Employee’s Motivation to Quit Smoking

Breaking the habit begins with the motivation to do so.  With the help of local health organizations, prepare a smoking cessation program that focuses on developing a personalized quit plan, discussing how to live without tobacco, and learning about nitoctine replacement therapy in a welcoming and supportive environment.  Emphasize small steps and small rewards that allow [...]

Driven to Quit Challenge

This is a provincial contest that awards those who quit smoking for a minimum period of time the opportunity to enter into a draw to win amazing prizes.  Friends and family members of smokers are encouraged to become a support buddy in “The Challenge” for their chance to win a buddy prize.  For details and [...]

Financial Assistance for Smoking Cessation Aids

Consider reimbursing employees for the cost of smoking cessation aids such as nicotine patches, gum, or inhaler with a prescription from their doctor.   Source:  Windsor-Essex County Health Unit

Actively Promote Your Company’s Health Benefit Plan

If your health benefit plan covers medications and other supports that may help employees quit smoking, make these benefits known to employees.  Create posters, pay-stub inserts, and other announcements that publicize these tools and strategies to interested workers. If your benefits plan does not include these, explore the feasibility of including coverage or subsidization for Nicotine Replacement [...]