Supportive Work Environment – Violence & Harassment

Understand the Code of Practice – Workplace Harassment

On September 8th, the Code of Practice to Address Workplace Harassment under Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act comes into effect.  If you are not already familiar with what is required, visit the MOL website to get all the details. Source:  Peterborough Public Health

Learn more about Domestic Violence in the Workplace

Bill 168 in Ontario was introduced a few years ago and it requires all workplaces to address the issues of violence and harassment.  An impetus for this bill was the death of a nurse in Windsor at the hands of her former intimate partner.   It is important, as an employer, to be aware of [...]

Seek Feedback from Employees

Listen carefully to employees’ concerns regarding tense, uncomfortable, or hostile relationships at work.  This input may help supervisors, human resources personnel, or EAP staff diffuse the situation before it becomes critical.   Source:  Brant County Health Unit

Have a Quiet Room

Everybody needs a little space.  Using available resources and facilities, create a quiet room where employees can go to relax and unwind throughout the day.  Furnish the room with comfortable chairs or couches and calming decor.  Provide a tape recorder with relaxation music as a fixture in the room or on a sign out basis.  [...]

Consider Offering an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employee assistance programs are here to help.  Make sure that your staff has access to an Employee Assistance Program that can provide employees with counselling and additional tips for dealing with interpersonal conflicts.   Source:  Brant County Health Unit

Violence and Harassment – Bill 168

The Ontario government passed Bill 168 late last year amending the Occupational Health and Safety Act, making it mandatory that all workplaces create and implement policies and plans to address violence and harassment.  This law came into effect on June 15. Briefly, the Bill requires that employers assess the risk of violence in their workplace [...]