Supportive Work Environment – Motor Vehicle Safety

Post Adequate Road Signage on Company Property

Clearly marked speed limits, stop signs, yield signs, mirrors in blind spots, and designated crosswalks play an integral role in promoting motor vehicle safety on company property. Source: Brant County Health Unit

Get It Delivered

Prevent employees from having to drive more than is necessary.  If possible, have supplies and other materials delivered to the workplace.  This results in less driving, lowered risk of motor vehicle collisions, and more savings. Source: Brant County Health Unit

Is Your Parking Lot Driver-Friendly?

Perform regular inspections of the company parking lot to ensure hazards are eliminated and safety is promoted.  A safe and driver-friendly parking lot usually has sufficient lighting, clearly marked entrances and exits, and specific areas for delivery trucks and other specialty vehicles. Source: Brant County Health Unit

Provide Regular Maintenance on Company Vehicles

Employees can rest assured that the company vehicle they drive is in safe and proper operating condition.  As an added measure, develop a reporting system so that employees can report concerns regarding vehicles with mechanical problems. Source: Brant County Health Unit