Policy Ideas – Motor Vehicle Safety

Develop Company Rules for the Road

Develop and implement a policy regarding driving on company property which provides details on parking, accepted speed, conduct, etc.  Include clear policies on alcohol and drug use in accordance with federal and provincial law. If an employee has a motor vehicle collision while under the influence, your company could be held liable. Source: Brant County [...]

Keep Vehicle Maintenance Records on File

Implement policies that require proper record-keeping on company-owned vehicles.  Each vehicle’s record should detail past maintenance, the date on which maintenance took place, parts that have been replaced or repaired, and incidences and collisions in which the vehicle has been involved. Source: Brant County Health Unit

License and Registration, Please

Ensure that employees who drive as part of their work duties have a valid and appropriate driver’s license for the class of vehicle they drive. You may want to keep a photocopy of employees’ driver’s licenses in their personal files.   Source: Brant County Health Unit

Enact a Time Limit on Driving

Set a maximum on the number of hours your employees can drive in a day, and make sure there are rest breaks taken during this time.  This will ensure that employees who drive do not become overly fatigued or desensitized to the hazards of the road and, thus, are better able to drive safely. Source: [...]

Check the Stats

By regularly reviewing workplace accident statistics, employers can implement recommendations that reduce or eliminate motor vehicle hazards on company property.  These recommendations may also help inform company policy on driving, motor vehicles, and accident response. Source: Brant County Health Unit