UV Protection and Heat Stress

Share Summer Safety Tips with Employees

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety has a five minute podcast sharing tips on how to be sun smart and injury free during the summer.  Consider sharing this link with employees so they can apply these tips both at work and at play.  Some of these tips can be supported by you through [...]

Sun Safety Outdoor Workers Program

The Canadian Dermatology Association has created a number of resources directed to employers with outdoor workers.  This program includes free downloadable resources like a poster, fact sheets and template.  For a price, you can purchase a manual, DVD and other resources.  For more details, visit: Source:  Peterborough County-City Health Unit

Make Sure Employees Stay Hydrated This Summer

In the heat and humidity, it’s easy to get dehydrated quickly.  Be sure to have water available and accessible to your employees.  Here are some tips from EatRight Ontario about staying hydrated. Source: Peterborough Public Health

Be Bug Smart

Be Bug Smart… Mosquitoes and ticks are in our area. Protect your outdoor workers and other employees enjoying the outdoors from insect bites that can transmit illnesses like West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease.  Share this advice with them: Wear long sleeves, long pants, sock and shoes (tuck pants into socks) when going into forested areas; [...]

Create a Sun Safe Workplace Environment

While the sun safety advice below is geared to individuals, some of these suggestions can be adapted by your workplace: Purchase SPF 30 sun screen on sale. Consider using a spray, if applying a lotion is not appealing to you and slather it on 20 minutes before going outdoors and every two hours thereafter.  The workplace [...]

Develop a Sun Safety Policy

A workplace policy on sun safety/UV radiation protection should include the following: sun safety awareness, education and training; the use of sun screen with  SPF 30 and ensuring that workers apply it correctly 20 ;minutes before going outdoors and reapplying it at least every two hours the expectations that the outdoor workers are to wear [...]

Heat Safety Tool

The U.S. Department of Labor has developed a mobile phone app that helps workers identify the risk factor for heat exposure.  The app calculates a heat index, your risk level and provides suggestions for protective measures.  You can find more information about this new app at:  Please note:  Since the app was designed in the U.S., temperature is [...]

Educate Your Employees about the Dangers of Tanning

In July 2009, the World Health Organization categorized tanning equipment as a known carcinogen, as dangerous to health as smoking and asbestos.  Exposure to UV radiation from indoor tanning beds before 35 years of age increases the possibility of developing melanoma, the most deadly type of skin cancer, by 75%. This is especially alarming since [...]

Be Bug and Sun Smart during Outdoor Summer Activities

Here are some tips to consider when your employees are outdoors this summer while at work, at the beach, biking, golfing, playing sports, swimming, boating, hiking or camping. Whether you are a participant or spectator you need to protect yourself. Be Sun Smart… Avoid sun exposure between 11am  and 4pm when the sun rays are the [...]

Making Your Workplace Sun Safe

Produced by an American firm, Klein Buendel, the Sun Safe Worksite Guide contains practical information on providing a sun safe work environment and promoting sun safe habits.  It also includes information on creating  worksite policies along with an assessment tool and handouts.  Here is the 20 page guide:  Sun Safe Worksite Guide Source:  Peterborough County-City Health Unit

Skin Cancer Awareness

Skin cancer can effect anyone but outdoor workers are especially vulnerable.  Remind employees to take precautions by applying sun screen, wearing long sleeves, a hat and sunglasses when possible and seeking shade breaks.  Support employees by providing them with sun screen and shade tents, umbrellas or canopies. Source:  Peterborough County-City Health Unit

UV Protection and Heat Stress: Helpful Resources

LOCAL RESOURCES WEB-RESOURCES Ultraviolet Radiation in the Workplace (Ontario  Ministry of Labour) Ultraviolet Radiation from the Sun (Ontario Ministry of Labour) Sun Protection and Outdoor Workers NIOSH Fast Facts:  Protecting Yourself from Sun Exposure Skin Cancer Symptoms and Treatment (with video) Heat Stress