Preventing Injuries

Understand the Link Between Shiftwork and Injuries

Did you know that shiftwork is on the rise? Or that shiftwork is linked to obesity, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes? And that it is considered a probable carcinogen?  Or, finally, that shiftworkers are twice as likely to get injured on the job? The Institute for Work and Health, based in Toronto, has done a lot [...]

Share Summer Safety Tips with Employees

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety has a five minute podcast sharing tips on how to be sun smart and injury free during the summer.  Consider sharing this link with employees so they can apply these tips both at work and at play.  Some of these tips can be supported by you through [...]

Substances and Shiftwork

Shiftwork wreaks havoc on employees’ circadian rhythms and, as a result, employees may rely on certain substances to either help them stay awake or go to sleep.  It can be dangerous to the employees using the substances as well as their co-workers. Be sure to educate your employees about the dangers.  To help you get started, here [...]