Getting Employer Commitment

Reconsider Your Workplace Wellness Approach

It is tempting to consider workplace wellness from the perspective of what your employees can do themselves to improve their health…from eating better to getting more exercise and sleep.  The research is clear, however, that to make a lasting impact on a workplace’s bottom line, employers need to look at the environment they are creating [...]

Making the Business Case for Workplace Wellness

Last year, Dr. Graham Lowe authored a report looking at the Wellness Dividend.  According to his site, the report  ”examines the following topics: The strategic value of wellness Understanding absenteeism and presenteeism Ingredients of effective wellness programs Addressing mental health in the workplace Measuring impact and progress Building healthier organizations.” To read the full report, [...]

Getting Employer Commitment

If you really want to make great strides in creating a healthy workplace, the senior executives need to get involved.  You may need to present a business case providing the evidence of the value of investing in employees.  Some employers may see some activities, programs and policies as an expense but, in the long-term, spending [...]