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Healthy Eating Around the Clock (Kit)

For shiftworkers, health and well-being depend on eating habits that make the most of a busy schedule.  Using the Fact Sheet included below, design and facilitate a staff seminar that promotes healthy eating strategies especially designed for nighttime and evening employees.  As an added measure, consider distributing printed material on healthy eating tips.


Format Seminar
Staff Required 1 or 2 activity coordinators
Monetary Cost Minimal; printed informational materials, displays, etc
Timeline May require a few days to prepare
Size/Type of Workplace All




  1. Select a date and time for the seminar.  Find an appropriate location to host the event—a large meeting room will suffice—and reserve it for the date selected. 
  2. Using the Fact Sheet and additional resources listed on the Shiftwork Resources page, activity coordinators may put together an informative, engaging seminar on healthy eating “around the clock.”  Depending on available resources, consider creating informative displays, posters, or brochures to supplement the discussion. 
  3.  Host the seminar.  Following the event, post additional healthy eating tips on a staff bulletin board.  Keep any posters or brochures from the seminar on display for employees who are interested in eating well. 


Source: Brant County Health Unit and County of Lambton Community Health Services Department

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