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Hobby Fair (Kit)

The Hobby Fair encourages employees to share the interests or activities that they enjoy outside of work with their fellow employees.  Hobbies and interests that are unrelated to work often play an essential role in good health.  Importantly, these activities help relieve stress.

Coordinators should host this event in a large, open area, where each employee has a designated space for displaying his or her hobby.  Those who sign up to participate should present an object that represents their hobby and prepare themselves to speak briefly with other employees about the item they have shared.  Examples of suitable objects include sports equipment, woodworking, artwork, a favourite book, plants and gardening tools or a photograph taken while the individual enjoys his/her hobby.  Participants are also encouraged to bring information about their hobby for anyone who may be interested in trying it.  If space and time permit, the event could be more hands-on where participants put on demonstrations and guide co-workers through simple tasks.


Format Group activity
Staff Required 1 or 2 wellness coordinators
Monetary Cost None
Timeline May require a few weeks to prepare
Size/Type of Workplace All



  1. Wellness coordinators should decide upon a date and time to host the fair.  Find a suitable location to host the event in the workplace—a meeting room, cafeteria, or any other large, open space will suffice—and reserve it for the date selected.  
  2. Distribute promotional materials around the workplace that advertise the fair, such as posters, e-mails, or faxes. 
  3. One or two weeks prior to the event, the coordinators should pass around a sign-up sheet for employees interested in participating.  Provide a space on the sheet for each participant to print his or her name and hobby of choice.   
  4. Arrange for helpers to assist the participants in carrying their materials.
  5. Following the event, post pictures from the fair on a staff bulletin board along with information on the participants and hobbies represented.


Source: Brant County Health Unit

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