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Capture the Moment (Kit)

Capture the Moment is a simple activity that provides employees the opportunity to share their favourite stress-relieving hobbies and past-times with their fellow employees.  The activity emphasizes the importance and variety of stress management strategies.  

Employees who are interested in participating must submit a work-appropriate photograph of themselves enjoying their favourite activities.  Staff will cast a vote for their favourite photo; the participant whose photo has earned the most votes wins.  As an added measure, consider having a draw prize for entrants.

Format Contest
Staff Required 1 or 2 wellness coordinators
Monetary Cost Minimal; bulletin boards, paper for vote cards, and other materials
Timeline May require a few weeks to a month to prepare
Size/Type of Workplace All



  1. Create and distribute promotional materials, posters, and e-mails/faxes advertising the contest.  Allow participants a few weeks to send in their photographs to the contest coordinators. 
  2. Once all entries have been submitted, display the photographs on a staff bulletin board.  Make sure the display is located in a high-traffic area in order to draw the attention of passerbys.  Place a ballot box and vote cards near the display with instructions on how employees should cast their votes. 
  3. On a specified date, announce the winners of the contest via loudspeaker, fax, intranet or e-mail.  Award the prizes.

Source: Peterborough County-City Health Unit

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