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Family Child Care Fair (Kit)

The Family Child Care Fair is designed to introduce employees to the various organizations in your community that provide quality childcare and related services.  Attendees have the opportunity to introduce themselves to providers, discuss their childcare needs, and explore available options.

Coordinators should host this event in a large, open area, where each childcare agency has a designated space for displaying promotional materials and information on its services.  In addition to traditional care agencies, coordinators of this event might consider inviting organizations from the community that provide summertime childcare, respite care for ill or disabled family members, and adult daycare services.

Format Information Fair
Staff Required 1 or 2 event coordinators
Monetary Cost Potential costs include catering for the event and other expenses.  Consult each organization to determine whether a fee is required for its participation.
Timeline May require a few weeks to a month to prepare
Size/Type of Workplace Large businesses with available meeting space




  1. Select a date for the event.  Find a suitable location to host the event in the workplace—a meeting room, cafeteria, or any other large, open space will suffice—and reserve it for the date of the fair.  
  2. Search the internet, community listings, and the phone book for childcare services in the area.  As an additional resource, gather the names of agencies from staff members who utilize childcare services in the community.  
  3. Contact local agencies via telephone, letter or e-mail (if possible, consult agency web sites for preferred methods of correspondence) and invite them to participate in the fair.  If necessary, be prepared to negotiate a fee for their participation.    
  4. Distribute promotional materials around the workplace advertising the fair, such as posters, e-mails, or faxes. 
  5. Following the event, post pictures from the fair on a staff bulletin board along with information on the participating agencies and their services. 




Five Counties Children’s Centre

(705) 748-2221

Ontario Early Years Centre Peterborough

(705) 748-9144

City of Peterborough: Child care and daycare directories

(705) 742-7771

Community Care Centre

(705) 742-7067

Source: Peterborough County-City Health Unit

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