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Stress Test (Kit)

A brief questionnaire that addresses the signs and symptoms of stress serves as an effective, convenient tool for employees who wish to assess their stress levels.  Test results that indicate an unhealthy level of stress may encourage employees to seek necessary services, such as counseling or other supports.

The Stress Test is a basic instrument that wellness coordinators may distribute in the workplace.  Click here for an 0n-line version of the test.  Consider distributing the questionnaire following an informational seminar on workplace stress.  Distribute copies during a routine meeting or post the questionnaires in a location where employees may fill them out at their leisure.

Similar questionnaires that may be more appropriate for your workplace needs are available through several non-profit organizations.  For further information, see the resources listed below.  Remember, employees’ participation in surveys of this nature is completely voluntary, and coordinators should never collect or record questionnaire results without employees’ written permission.

Format Questionnaire
Staff Required 1 or 2 wellness coordinators
Monetary Cost Minimal; printing fees
Timeline May require a day or two to prepare
Size/Type of Workplace All


  1. Select a date and time to distribute the questionnaire to employees who are interested.  Consider introducing employees to the questionnaire following an informational seminar, during break time, or after a meeting.
  2. Prior to distributing the questionnaire, gather information and brochures on local services for individuals who wish to reduce their stress and improve their mental health.  The Internet, phone book, and the resources listed below may offer names and contact information for local organizations.  Post this information on a staff bulletin board or intranet site.
  3. Distribute the questionnaire.  Or, post the questionnaire in the workplace and advertise it to employees using promotional materials.  Make sure to direct employees with questions or concerns about their stress levels to the staff bulletin board and/or intranet where you posted information on local services.


Canadian Mental Health Association, Peterborough

(705) 748-6711

Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety: Workplace Stress

Canadian Mental Health Association

Source: County of Lambton, Community Health Services Department

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