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Eating Fruits and Vegetables

Post information in your workplace cafeteria, lunch or break room about ways employees can increase the amount of vegetables and fruits they bring to work or eat while at work.

Information can include:

1.       Examples of different vegetables and fruits. This may encourage employees to try something new.

2.       Ways to include vegetables and fruits in bagged lunches, as part of a snack or a meal.

Individuals can follow Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide by eating 7 to 10 servings of vegetables and fruits each day. There are many fun and easy ways to add more vegetables and fruits into your day. Some things you can encourage employees to do to make it easier to eat more vegetables and fruits while at work include preparing vegetables and storing them in the fridge the night before, including berries in a salad at lunch, packing an orange, apple, banana, carrot, celery sticks or any other favourite vegetable or fruit for a snack.

Source:  Windsor-Essex County Health Unit

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