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Communicating with Employees

In order to be successful in creating a healthy workplace, you will need to make sure that employees are kept informed. 

The best way to start is to create a communication plan.  Here are a couple of questions to get your Wellness Committee thinking about how to share and get information from the employees:

  • What would be the three best ways to share information with staff?  (e.g. a secure intranet site, voicemail messaging, wellness boards in staff rooms, e-mail, paycheque stubs, All Staff meetings)
  • What information do you want to share with staff?  (e.g. committee meeting minutes, monthly updates on progress, survey results. resources like pamphlets and videos on different topics)

Once you know how you want to communicate with staff, start by letting them know that a Wellness Committee has been formed and list all the members of the committee along with their contact information.

Source:  Peterborough County-City Health Unit

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