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The Law and Return to Work Plans: Supporting Employees with Mental Illness

On November 6, about 100 workplace representatives attended a session hosted by the Peterborough Health at Work Committee and the Peterborough Chapter of HRPA.  Dr. Martin Shain provided a good background on the legal issues around mental health in the workplace.  With seven areas of law influencing a workplace’s duty to provide a psychologically safe workplace, Dr. Shain emphasized the need to: Be Aware, Be Fair, Be Careful and Be Vigilant.  For a one-page handout on the “4Bs”, click here .  For your information, Dr. Shain also recently presented a talk at the Ontario Workplace Health Coalition AGM.  A recorded version of the webinar entitled “Protecting Workers’ Mental Health: Resolving tensions between law and the new National Standard on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace” is available here:

Following Dr. Shain’s talk, Mary Ann Baynton led the workshop participants through a two-hour conversation on resolving workplace issues with return-to-work planning.  The case examples and group discussions assisted the participants in applying the key concepts being shared.  While we don’t normally promote resources that cost, we do highly recommend Mary Ann’s book called Resolving Workplace Issues. For more information, visit

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