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Colleague Cooking Challenge

Cooking together or sharing a meal together is a great way to connect with your fellow colleagues, especially when there’s a friendly competition involved! Have fun with this challenge. 

 Here’s how:

  1. Choose a theme, like “Super Scrumptious Soup” or “Tastiest Smoothie Ever”!
  2. Organize this challenge like you would an employee potluck. Encourage employees  to bring in their dish highlighting the chosen theme, to share with others on a pre-determined date and time.  With more people experiencing food sensitivities, ask employees to write the name of their dish along with the ingredients on a recipe card to place nearby.
  3. After everyone has had a chance to taste each other’s recipe, host a friendly competition where colleagues can vote on their favourite recipe. A simple ballot can be made where employees can identify which of the recipes was their favourite.
  4. Once votes are counted, consider providing the winner with a prize like a new cookbook or a grocery gift card.

To celebrate your employees involvement consider creating a simple cookbook with everyone’s recipes and sharing the collaborative recipe book with all employees.  It will help promote even more healthy eating and cooking to more employees! 

Why not help a charity at the same time?  Some workplaces charge a nominal fee for the cookbook (e.g. $2.00) and then donate the funds to their favourite charity.

Source:  Peterborough County-City Health Unit

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