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Healthy Eating During the Summer: Tips and Ideas

Activities to promote healthy eating in your workplace this summer:

1)      Instead of the office candy dish, have a workplace fruit bowl. Stock it with a variety of fresh fruit weekly and encourage employees to try new kinds of fruit they’ve never tried before. Choosing local produce in season will be fresher; will help support the local economy and our farmers, and it helps protect the environment since local produce doesn’t travel as far therefore reducing our carbon footprint.

2)      Promote hydration with your employees this summer. Warm temperatures and air-conditioned offices can increase the risk of employees becoming de-hydrated which means they may not have as much energy and could potentially affect their alertness while on the job.  Have water readily available indoors and, if needed, outside to ensure employees can easily grab a drink. To jazz up water consider adding citrus slices or frozen fruit like cranberries or blueberries, or fresh herbs like mint or basil with ice in a large container.  Replenish water and add-ins as needed.

For other ideas and information to share with employees check these resources out:

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Ideas to promote healthy eating in workplaces this summer

Source:  Peterborough Public Health

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