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Be Open to Where and How Work Happens

The Government of Canada, through the Public Works and Government Services department, has been looking at what the physical workplace of the 21st century needs to be.  They call their initiative Workplace 2.0 and it looks at how to use today’s technologies into our work and our work environments.  Click here to learn more.

New technologies present the opportunity to think about how we might be able to do our work differently.  More workplaces are looking at where the work happens.  For example, a lot of “office work” no longer needs to be in an office.  With technology, our “office” is mobile.  Through hardware such as laptops and smart phones and software such as cloud-based file storage and conferencing technologies, we can access information and connect with others virtually.  These developments allow for more flexibility in the way that work happens…and where it happens.  For many workplaces, this will mean that a conversation about how to evaluate productivity and performance will need to happen.  Calgary Economic Development has been looking at this work for quite some time. Click here to learn more.

Source:  Peterborough County-City Health Unit

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