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Cafeteria and Vending Machine Options

To support and encourage employees to choose healthy food items for their meals and snacks while at work, consider offering employees healthier food and beverage options in the cafeteria and/or vending machines that are priced competitively with, or similar to, other foods and beverages offered.



  • Sell a serving of cut vegetables and low fat dip at the same price as a serving of French fries. 
  • Sell a single serving of 100% fruit juice at the same price as soft drinks.
  • Sell a sandwich and soup or salad combo (e.g. a sandwich made with whole grain bread, roast beef and mustard/low-fat sandwich dressing, sliced tomato and lettuce, with a low-fat, stock soup or a tossed green salad of spinach, tomato and red pepper with low-fat dressing on the side) at the same price as the daily lunch special.
  • Feature a weekly fruit based dessert (e.g. fresh fruit salad, fruit yogurt parfait).
  • Consider offering a weekly feature in the cafeteria to highlight meals that include vegetables or fruit.


Vending machines

  • If your workplace is considering installing vending machines, investigate a refrigerated machine that will allow for a greater variety of food, including fruits and vegetables.
  • Sell single servings of baby carrots and low fat dip or individual sized hummus and crackers.
  • Sell single servings of apple sauce, fruit cocktail or other varieties of canned fruit.
  • Sell single servings of dried fruit (e.g. apricots, raisins) and single servings of trail mixes that include dried fruit.
  • Sell servings (300 mL or less) of 100% fruit juice or vegetable juice.


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