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Quality Counts!

Nourishing foods promote health and can help you feel your best. Take small steps to bump up the quality of your meals and snacks. Swap in nutrient-rich choices and enjoy deliciously healthy foods. Power through your morning with a good breakfast with protein and fibre, to help you stay alert and avoid mid-morning munchies.

In a hurry?

  • Blend frozen berries, yogurt and milk for a super smoothie. Make it even better with baby spinach and ground flax.
  • Wrap peanut butter, a banana and trail mix in a whole-grain tortilla for a portable, crunchy breakfast.

Got time?

  • Make a burrito with scrambled egg, lentils or soft tofu, sautéed red pepper, avocado and salsa wrapped in a warm tortilla.
  • Top French toast with yogurt, sunflower seeds and warm sautéed apple slices.

Don’t know what to cook? The Dietitians of Canada Cookspiration App has recipes for every occasion!

For more info: QUALITY COUNTS!

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