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Be an Accessibility Employer

Here are some compelling reasons for hiring someone with a disability:

  • “11% of disabled people have their trade certificate versus 9% of able-bodied people.”
  • “17% of disabled people have college degrees, which is the same as the able bodied population.”
  • “Hiring workers who have a disability does not adversely affect an employer’s WSIB premiums.”
  • “According to the Conference Board of Canada, only 20% of disabled workers require any accommodation at all on the job and the cost for doing so in 65% of cases was between $1 and $500.”
  • “Less than 4% of people who have a disability require any physical accommodations…”*

* Taken from a handout prepared by COIN entitled “Employment for People with Disabilities”.

According to the AODA (Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act) timelines, 2016 is the year that employers are to ensure that their employment practices are accessible.  To this end, the Ontario BIA Association has put a lot of effort into producing material to support businesses in meeting the AODA requirements.  They have a dedicated page regarding accessibility.  As part of this work, they have encouraged local BIAs to facilitate greater awareness and knowledge among business owners.  In early May 2016, the Downtown Business Improvement Area, in partnership with the City of Peterborough, hosted an Accessibility Employer Forum.  The keynote speaker was Constance Exley from Accessibility Ontario.  This organization has produced a number of great resources for employers including:

Information on Employement Standard

Important AODA Timelines

Tips for Recruitment, Selection, Screening and Orientation

Links and Resources

For more information, visit the Accessibility Ontario website.

Source:  Peterborough Public Health

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