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Anytime: The Experience of Mental Illness at Work

Mary Ann Baynton and Sarah Jenner interview Donna Hardaker in this 15 minute webinar.  The webinar was recorded in October 2016.  This is what was stated in the promotion of the webinar:

“Mary Ann Baynton and Sarah Jenner have a discussion with Donna Hardaker, a successful, caring and passionate individual who has the lived experience of trying to cope with a mental illness, while continuing to be productive at work.

Let’s continue to strive to increase positive workplace mental health, support those who may be struggling and reduce stigma.”

Donna is now a consultant around mental health in the workplace which stemmed from her own personal experience of dealing with clinical depression in the workplace.  Donna shares her story in a compelling way and between her and Mary Ann, there are great nuggets of wisdom from which we can all benefit.

Mary Ann Baynton was part of the technical committee for the Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace Standard, manages the Workplace Strategies for Mental Health and is currently focusing her attention on Mindful Employer Canada.

PLEASE NOTE:  The quality of the audio isn’t great but it is still well worth listening to it.  In addition, be sure to download the recording or save it to your Dropbox account.  Simply pressing play will give you only a preview of the full recording.

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