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Use those Vacation Days!

It is getting more difficult to find employees who would say that they don’t experience any stress in their work lives.  Taking time away from work allows us to recharge our batteries, regain some balance and return to work re-energized. conducted a survey with Canadian workers looking at vacation deprivation.  According to the results, most Canadians leave two vacation days “on the table”.  Employees say they would choose extra time off as a perk over more money. While they say that, they don’t seem to be using the time they have!  The reasons given in the survey included being too busy at work, not scheduling it in advance and getting vacation pay instead of vacation time.

How can you help employees avoid vacation deprivation? Be a role model and take some time off yourself.  Encourage employees to use all their vacation days–you will get that money (and more) back in fewer sick days, absenteeism and presenteeism and greater productivity.

Source: Peterborough Public Health

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