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March 7: Developing Emotional Competency in Managers

This is part of the Health at Work Breakfast Sessions.

Time:  8 to 10 a.m.

Location:  Peterborough Public Health, Jackson Square, 185 King St., Peterborough, ON K9J 2R8

Registration details:  $15 includes protein breakfast  (visit Eventbrite to register).  Registration deadline is Friday, March 2nd at 12 noon.

Food sensitivities:  Please e-mail Monique at for any food allergies or sensitivities by the deadline date.

SCENT-FREE EVENT: To respect the health of an individual, please refrain from wearing any scented (synthetic or natural) products.


Managers are a key player in the health of an organization. Managers act as a go between, connecting workers and upper management. Being able to effectively listen to worker concerns provides valuable input to the organization, helps workers to feel valued, and promotes worker commitment. Similarly, effective feedback and communication to workers helps to keep the organization on track and the worker engaged. The ability of managers to interact with workers in a positive way can have major impacts on worker attitude, productivity and health. Ineffective communication can have disastrous consequences for the organization and workers by creating uncertainty, stress and ill will.

Nonetheless, communication is fraught with challenges. Direct communication between people is mainly non-verbal. Being able to read others’ emotions and manage one’s own emotions, particularly in conflict situations, is a core aspect of effective communication. Such skills are built through knowledge and practice.

This fast-paced, highly interactive talk gets straight to the heart of these challenges. After a short introduction to the emotional and social aspects of management theory, pairs and small groups will find themselves laughing and learning as they acquire new interpersonal skills that focus on reflective listening and collaborative communication.

About the Speaker

Geoff Crane is a Canadian public speaker and researcher. He has written numerous articles on the importance of emotional and social skills in the workforce and is a pioneer in the field of motivational intelligence. Geoff has successfully developed emotional intelligence training programs for local organizations and employers. Well-versed in the changing demands of today’s project-based work environments, Geoff spends his days helping workers and leaders build soft skills that will help them achieve what matters most.

His company, Adaptimist Insights, is a training and development firm that offers evidence-based programming to help clients achieve their personal and professional goals. Specifically, Adaptimist studies and develops curriculum to enhance the vast array of human emotional and social competencies. Its mission is to become a world-class training company committed to developing and empowering leaders from all walks of life, giving them the skills they need to succeed in the pursuit of their goals.

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