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Create an Inclusive Workplace

According to CERIC Canada, “[t]he unemployment rate for people with disabilities is alarmingly high. Although these people offer a great pool of talent, they remain untapped and detached from the mainstream workforce. “A Difference of Ability” [a video series] examines the daily challenges facing people with disabilities and reveals the reasons why job-seekers and employers experience difficulty connecting and how that can change. The road to employment can be tough, but many successful relationships have been forged between job seekers and employers. People who have found success offer power insights, practical solutions and strategies for improving the employment situation in today’s labour market. Developed by the Canadian Education and Research Institute for Counselling (CERIC) with the support of The Counselling Foundation of Canada.”

Here’s the link: A Difference of Ability: Recruiting, Hiring and Employing People with Disabilities (a series of four videos for a total of just over 40 minutes)

Source:  Peterborough Public Health

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