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Points for Nutrition (Kit)

Employees who are able to distinguish nutritious, healthy foods from less healthy options have the background knowledge required to assemble a well-balanced diet.  Using a fun, simple activity that takes place in your workplace cafeteria, Points for Nutrition awards employees who experiment with healthy food options.   

Points for Nutrition takes place during an ordinary lunch hour.  With the help of cafeteria staff, activity coordinators assign point values to regular menu options according to their nutritional value.  Participants use this point system as a guide to enjoying a nutritious meal.  Accordingly, the employees who eat the healthiest lunch with the most nutrition points receive a small prize.


Format Lunch activity / contest
Staff Required 1 or 2 activity coordinators; 1 or 2 cafeteria staff as required
Monetary Cost Regular cafeteria expenses, plus materials for scorecards; prizes for winners
Timeline May require a week or two to prepare
Size/Type of Workplace Medium to large workplaces with cafeteria/kitchen facilities



  1. If possible, activity coordinators should schedule a meeting with cafeteria staff to discuss the activity.   Together, assign point values to regular menu options based on their nutritional value.  Foods that are healthier and more nutritious are worth more points than less nutritious options.  If cafeteria staff is not available to help assign nutrition points, consult the resources listed on the  Healthy Eating Resources page.  These resources should direct you to nutritional information for different foods.    
  2. Coordinating with cafeteria staff, select a date and time for the activity.  Distribute promotional materials around the workplace that advertise the event, such as e-mails, posters, and faxes. 
  3. A few days prior to the activity, print scorecards that participants can use to tally their nutrition points.  On the day of the event, place the cards at the entrance of the cafeteria or another hard-to-miss location.  Activity coordinators may want to use a well-marked box to collect participants’ scorecards.  
  4. Host the activity.  Afterwards, review the scorecards and award prizes to the winners.  As time allows, activity coordinators may consider leading a brief discussion on nutrition and healthy meal options. 
  5. Following the event, post pictures from the activity on a staff bulletin board along with information on nutrition and healthy eating.  Create a special posting for the winning scorecards.



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