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Mocktail Party (Kit)

Wherever you look, there are refreshing beverages that do not contain alcohol.  The Mocktail Party is a fun workplace social event that promotes non-alcoholic mixed drinks, also known as “mocktails.”  Consider hosting this event before a meeting or following a presentation on safe drinking practices.  Visit the Peterborough County-City Health Unit’s website for great mocktail recipes:

Once employees begin sipping away at their drinks, they’ll work up a thirst for more alcohol-free recipes. 

Format Group activity
Staff Required 2 or 3 wellness coordinators
Monetary Cost Moderate; ingredients for drinks; utensils for mixing; cups
Timeline May require a few days to prepare
Size/Type of Workplace All workplaces with accessible kitchen/meeting space



  1.  Wellness coordinators should decide upon a date and time to host the Mocktail Party.  Find a suitable location to host the party in the workplace—a meeting room, cafeteria, or any other large, open space will suffice—and reserve it for the date and time selected. 
  2. Distribute promotional materials around the workplace that advertise the event, such as e-mails, posters, and faxes.  Emphasize the fact that the party is a fun, refreshing, alcoholic-free event.  
  3. A few days before the party, purchase all the necessary supplies.  Depending on your workplace’s reimbursement policies, make sure to hold on to your receipts. 
  4. Host the party.   
  5. Following the event, post pictures from the party on a staff bulletin board along with information on substance misuse prevention and additional alcohol-free recipes.


Source: Brant County Health Unit

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